IT Sector Hits Record High – Post-Brexit

Following the widely-reported Brexit fears, we can reveal that the UK tech industry posted 1.3 million IT jobs last year.

Based on ONS statistics, more IT roles were advertised last year than ever before, with vacancies up 10% on 2015,
representing a strong UK IT sector.

The level to which technology skills supports today’s business environment comes as no surprise, with the ever-increasing demand for qualified IT staff especially within IT education and certification.”

However, in light of this news there is still a skill shortage in IT is making it harder for smaller organisations to source the right calibre of people.

The flip side to this, is that given the wealth of job opportunities out there, SMBs in particular are finding it more difficult to retain skilled staff and attract the new people they need to deliver today’s in-demand services – business continuity and security, to name just a few.

The Brexit concerns have not scared off overseas companies from seeking out UK-based IT professionals.

Of the top 10 companies advertising IT positions in Q4 last year, over half were headquartered overseas, highlighting, that the strong demand from foreign companies is proof of the UK’s innovative tech industry.

It is also positive to see that Brexit fears are not deterring organisations from the UK market. Recent announcements, such as Snapchat basing its international headquarters in the UK and Google saying it will create 3,000 new jobs and a new London headquarters, showing that the UK is seen by companies as a place of technological excellence.