Ministers to streamline HGV testing amid Christmas supply chain fears

The Government is to streamline HGV driver testing in an attempt to prevent a supply chain crisis at Christmas.

An announcement regarding the changes to the testing regime is expected any day now, amid dire warnings from the industry about the impact of the ongoing shortages.

Ministers are said to be “deeply worried about Christmas” and several measures are likely to be announced by Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps in a bid to speed up recruitment.

Measures could include streamlining the qualifications required to drive class C large rigid lorries and class E articulated heavy goods vehicles. At present, drivers have to wait several weeks between the two tests but that may be scrapped.

In the last two years more than 50,000 drivers have left the industry. This is due to a combination of the pandemic and Brexit, leaving hauliers struggling to keep lorries on the road and businesses struggling to meet customer demand.

You can read more about the expected changes here