International Stress Awareness Week- our top tips for handling stress

We all know what it is like to feel stressed at work – but it can make a huge difference sharing how you’re feeling with friends and colleagues.

This week is International Stress Awareness Week and stress is something many of us will go through on a daily basis. It can be situations or events which put pressure on us or our reaction to being placed under pressure.

Here at the Sure Group we go above and beyond taking the stress out of finding a new job and for organisations looking to fill vacancies in the healthcare, logistics and commercial sectors.

But we want to go beyond that. There’s nothing wrong with feeling stressed, but there’s something wrong with keeping it to yourself. As the saying goes, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. Don’t let the stress build up as it could lead to tiredness, headaches, upset stomach and can really impact both your physical and mental health.

Speaking openly about feeling stressed could mean you get some great advice and tips or find you can support other colleagues who need help.

Mental health charity MIND has revealed their top tips to dealing with pressure. Something we should all take note:

• Work out what triggers stress for you and think of ways to solve them.
• Making some adjustments to the way you organise your time could help you feel more in control of tasks you are facing.
• Address some of the causes, looking at practical ways you could resolve or improve the issues which are putting pressure on you.
• Accept the issues you can’t change and focus your energy more productively.

As the charity states, it is also important to take steps to look after your wellbeing – developing emotional resilience. This is not just your ability in bouncing back, but your ability to adapt to challenging circumstances.

The examples given by MIND includes:

• Make some lifestyle changes.
• Look after your physical health
• Give yourself a break.
• Build your support network.

Being under pressure is a part of life, but don’t become overwhelmed by stress. Here at the Sure Group the message is simple for all our staff – there will be moments when work is stressful, but we’re in it together so we should share our problems together.

National Stress Awareness Day is a great chance to highlight wellbeing and managing stress, but this is something which is as important today as any other day. We want all our staff and everyone we work with to arrive and leave work physically and mentally healthy.