Gender pay gap at Hull and East Yorkshire’s top firms exposed

The region’s biggest employers have revealed how much male employees earn compared to female counterparts

Startling gender pay gaps have been revealed at some of Hull and East Yorkshire’s biggest businesses.

Employers across the region have this month published details of how much female workers are paid compared to males – highlighting large gender pay gaps at some firms.

The widest gender pay gap in the region was recorded at the Wolds Learning Partnership, where the average male worker was paid 51.3 per cent more than the average female worker.

A number of well-known Hull employers, including KCOM, Spencer Group, Hull City and Smith & Nephew, recorded gender pay gaps of more than 20 per cent in the favour of male employees.

The largest pay gap in favour of women in the region was recorded at Goole-based glass firm Guardian, where there is a pay gap of 8.9 per cent in favour of women.

Businesses must report their gender pay gap to the Government Equalities Office
Courts can impose an unlimited fine on those who do not comply.

The figures below are all based on median averages, which compares the pay of the middle-earning man (for example, the 50th highest earner of 100 employees) to the middle-earning woman at a business.

Read more by following the link below to see who the businesses, ranked in order, with the biggest gender pay gaps in favour of men are.

(The Hull Daily Mail, 9.04.19)