Free ‘skills bootcamps’ to combat HGV driver shortage begin

Whilst we have seen some improvements in recruiting more drivers to keep the economy moving, it’s hoped that the free bootcamps will allow the UK to make a big dent in the shortage next year.

The scheme comes under the government’s Skills Bootcamps programme, which is designed to support employment in key areas of the economy.

In the summer, the sector was almost 100,000 drivers short. This was speculated to be the result of Brexit regulations that wouldn’t allow EU drivers to continue working in the UK after the 2020 COVID lockdowns.

But the Road Haulage Association now believes the shortage has improved to around 80,000 drivers – thanks to greater testing capacity and publicity around rising wages.

The Skills Bootcamps in HGV driving are part of wider aid to build up employment and skills in areas of high demand.

They also guarantee a fast-tracked interview with a local employer afterwards.