Four people competing for each job vacancy in Hull

There are currently over 9,000 people out of work in the city, with just over 2,000 vacancies.

A new report has shown that there are four job seekers competing for each role available in Hull, which is considerably higher than the national average that currently stands at 1.2.

As a result, the LGA, which supports and promotes local authorities, is calling for councils to be granted more powers to tackle unemployment and the cost of living crisis. Across England, nearly a third of council areas had at least two people competing for each job vacancy, while in some places that figure was much higher.

Kevin Bentley, chairman of the LGA’s people and places board, said: “These changes are not being felt equally across the country, with too many people battling for fewer jobs in some areas, while in others employers are crying out for skilled workers to meet demand. The Government’s ‘one size fits all’ national approach to employment and skills is no longer fit for purpose.

“Levelling up should mean adapting support to local needs, making it more personalised and joined-up for people seeking work, while recognising the wide variations not just between different parts of the country, but also within them. No area should be left behind.

“Councils and combined authorities – who know their communities best – want to be front and centre in ensuring everyone has the chance to learn new skills and find work, in good jobs needed by local businesses, in the places where they live.”