Failure shouldn’t be seen as a weakness- Sure Group MD hosts podcast to inspire young people

With GCSE and A-Level results now confirmed and young people embarking on the next chapters of their lives, the MD of recruitment agency Sure Group says all is not lost should the grades not have been as expected.

Sir Richard Branson famously left school with no qualifications while Lord Alan Sugar’s one GCSE hasn’t stopped him being worth over a billion pounds.

Failure not being a weakness is one of the key messages in the first of a series of inspirational podcasts created by Charles Draper – the Managing Director of the Sure Group.

He recently interviewed Ben Coomber, a nutritionist, educator, speaker and writer who has one of the UK’s number one rated health and fitness podcasts. Ben has also coached thousands of people and worked with the likes of Twinning’s Tea, O2 and Sky TV.

In the podcast, Ben said: “Most people will see failure as a weakness, but you learn through failure. It’s about taking your opportunities and trying it. The reality is the people who mock you for trying are the people who go home and when they have a quiet, reflective moment they’re jealous that they didn’t have the opportunity.

“I’m not scared to fail. I’ve failed a lot and I’ll continue to fail. It’s part of the process. It makes me a better leader, better coach and a better business owner. It’s just like going into a gym and trying to lift a weight. If you can’t lift it, you lift a lighter one and when you can do that you lift a heavier one. You earn the stripes. Everyone wants the end result, but you’ve got to earn it.”

The interview is the first of several which will see experts give advice and share their experiences to Charles in a bid to both help and inspire people of all ages.

During the interview, Charles asked Ben about how opportunities for young people have changed. Ben said: “I’ve spoken to a couple of schools about what life can be like after school and university. Traditionally, you’ve gone to school and then looked to go to university or sign on to an apprenticeship scheme. The reality is that the world we live in now there’s limitless opportunities.

“I know people making craft furniture and selling it through Instagram. It’s about going into schools and saying ‘imagine what you can do in your life’. The first thing you have to do is find something you’re passionate about, so you have to try different things.”

This is the first in a series of video interviews Charles will be hosting to highlighting the successes of people, and any tips and advice to help those in pursuing their dreams.

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