EU Jobseekers unclear on status following Brexit

Today (Friday 31 January), on Brexit Day, the Recruiter has reported on the uncertainty surrounding status for EU jobseekers coming to Britain.

A director from hospitality recruiter CJUK told the publication that European workers seeking to come to the UK are not clear at all over what their status will be:

“There is a lot of concern as to what the hell Brexit is all about and they’re scared that they will be regarded as second-class citizens and treated badly. They’re going to be forced to buy medical insurance and they have no idea as to what the costs are and all the rest of it, so there’s a huge nervousness about coming to the UK.

“That started probably 18 months ago and got progressively worse until the elections … but there is still a lot of nervousness and in certain sectors it’s very hard to find people willing to come to the UK at this juncture. If it’s handled smartly… then that will quickly go away.”

The Recruiter also spoke to international law firm Dorsey & Whitney, which said there will be no immediate changes for EU workers and it is unlikely wholesale changes will be made.

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