Do you know about the introduction of the Health Care Levy from April 2022?

As well as an increase in the National Living Wage in April 2022, we also see the introduction of the Health Care Levy from April 2022. This will see an increase of 1.25% in your National Insurance Contributions.

As a result of the above statutory changes, it is likely there will be a reduction to your take home pay from April 2022 onwards, however in the Spring budget, the Chancellor announced that, from July, the earnings threshold at which people start to pay National Insurance will rise to £12,570. From July it has been estimated that those earning under £35,000 will likely see a reduction in their National Insurance payments

The introduction of this new levy is something that is not driven by SureStaffing UK or any of its associated companies. This is a UK-wide Government levy that will impact all taxpayers.

Please note we are not able to advise you on the effects of this levy and to the impact it will have to your personal circumstances.