Latest Study Show The Best and Worst Paying Jobs in Finance In London

In its latest study, analysed 4,000 salaries from senior finance professionals (directors) working in London, to find which are the highest and lowest paying jobs. Results show that investment banks are still home to most of the City’s best paying jobs, while rating agencies and research firms cannot compete with asset managers nor banks when it comes to pay

5 best paying jobs

Industry Job Salary Bonus Total
Banking M&A £168,000 £140,000 £308,000
Banking Trading £175,000 £120,000 £295,000
Banking Institutional Sales £175,000 £113,000 £288,000
Banking Structuring £164,000 £105,000 £269,000
Banking Origination & Syndication £162,000 £103,000 £265,000

5 worst paying jobs

Industry Job Salary Bonus Total
Asset Management Risk & Actuary  £118,000 £24,000 £142,000
Rating agency Rating Analysis  £111,000 £28,000 £139,000
Rating agency Research / Economist  £110,000 £24,000 £134,000
Banking Middle & Back Office £102,000 £26,000 £128,000
Asset Management Middle & Back Office  £92,000 £20,000 £112,000


While base salaries have increased in the last few years, regulation has squeezed banking bonuses. Meanwhile, buy-side firms, especially those not subject to pay regulations such as hedge funds and VC firms have been looking increasingly attractive for bankers looking to retain top paying positions in the industry.’