31 Office-Appropriate Holiday Gifts for Every Coworker

With the holidays just around the corner, thinking up a creative, appropriate gift for your office gift exchange can be a stressful task. Whether you’re getting a gift for someone on your team, or participating in a holiday gift exchange, here is a list of 31 appropriate gifts to give and receive across the 31 days of December!

Wine: Wine of any type is always a safe bet across most crowds.

Mugs and Swell bottles: Reusable items like this can be used both at work and at home and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Tea and tea steepers: The world of loose leaf tea continues to grow in popularity. Along with the tea itself, you can find many tea accessories to jazz up this gift.

Coffee: Similarly with tea, the world of coffee can be explored and enjoyed in so many different ways.

Books: Coffee table books, cookbooks, novels, and adult coloring books all make great gifts that last a lifetime.

Baked goods: Sweet and savory treats are a great way to show you care. They can be nicely wrapped and gifted to everyone in the office.

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Chocolates: Chocolate box sets are an indulgence we all love and want, but likely won’t allow ourselves to splurge on ( thus making for a great gift!)

Homemade jams: This provides a sweet treat for the person receiving, but also a fun DIY project for yourself!

Advent calendar: Advent calendars are an exciting way to help people count down the days until Christmas

Ornaments: A customized or personalized ornament is a great way to brighten someone’s tree and show them you care

Gift card: Gift cards are an easy way to let people pick exactly what they want, while still appreciating your awesome thought and sentiment!

Socks: Trendy socks are a great way to stay warm over the holiday season

Scarves, hats, and mittens: You can never have too many cute scarves, hats, or mitten sets in your closet.

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Body lotion sets: Many cosmetic brands will put together holiday sets with samples of their best items. These make for a great gift as they allow people to try and explore new products.

Bubble bath and bath bombs: Unwind over the holidays with some bubble bath and bath bombs.

Candles: Candles come in all shapes, sizes, and vary in prices. Help your colleagues stay zen with some new fresh candles!

Picture frames: Help people reminisce and savor their memories with a beautiful picture frame

Desk plants and succulents: The winter time doesn’t need to feel so cold, especially when your desk is jazzed up with a nice plant for succulent.

Coasters: A staple item that every household needs, and can be easily customized to a person’s taste.

Notebook & agenda: Stay organized and get on top of the new year with a new notebook and agenda.

Keychains: Keychains are an easy gift and can be found at almost any store, or any brand of preference.

Slippers: Nothing keeps you cozier than a warm pair of slippers

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Throw blanket: Cuddle up by the fire with a warm throw blanket, a gift that is both functional and great for decor as well.

Laptop accessories: Webcam covers, wireless mouse, clickers, and other accessories make for great gifts for those who appreciate tech.

Umbrella: A nice umbrella is a token item we almost always lose, and always need more of.

Reusable lunch bags: Help your colleagues carry their lunch to work with a new lunch bag.

Desk heaters/humidifiers: Depending on your office temperature, these can be a lifesaver to your skin and warmth as the winter gets colder and dryer.

Handwritten cards: While this might seem obvious, a handwritten card with a thoughtful message will go a long way with your colleagues.

Pens: A nice, well-inked pen is a professional staple item that anyone can appreciate.

Subscription box sets: These might be on the pricier side, but always make for a great gift.

Pet accessories: If your colleagues have a pet, any kind of treat for their furry friends will brighten their day.

Whatever holiday you are celebrating this December, spread the joy with any of the above gifts, and give thanks to the people you love and appreciate!

(Taken from www.glassdoor.com)