21-year-old Harley comes joint runner up for Carer of the Year 2021

Each of our 60+ personal carers at Sure Healthcare have their own incredible stories of caring for their clients, but 21-year-old Harley Murray’s caught the attention of judges at this year’s HullLive Health & Care Awards resulting in him being shortlisted for Carer of the Year.

Harley is a caregiver who demonstrates extraordinary commitment to the delivery of care addressing and meeting the overall health and wellness needs of clients, all while studying full time to become a graphic designer at York University.

One of Harley’s main clients is 52-year-old Shaun, who is wheelchair bound and suffers from a multitude of health conditions. Harley’s commitment and compassion caring for Shaun was witnessed by Shaun’s family during a visit and were that impressed they felt the need to express their gratitude.

As a company, Sure Healthcare contacts clients and their families often to get regular feedback about our care provision – good or bad. The positive reviews we receive are a lovely reminder about our caregiver’s dedication to the lives of their clients.

What makes Harley’s story different is that this review was completely unsolicited. Shaun’s family voluntarily took time out of their busy day to research the Sure Healthcare website to seek out the email address to send on their words of appreciation.

The letter recognised Harley as a true asset to Sure Healthcare, citing his professionalism dealing with a complex medical situation, as well as his long-standing commitment to caring for Shaun while coping with his own personal battles.

Will Draper, Managing Director of Sure Healthcare, said: “Harley is no ordinary 21-year-old and I am absolutely delighted he was shortlisted for Carer of the Year.

“The feedback we received about Harley from Shaun’s family was a raw and off-the-cuff review of the care, kindness and compassion witnessed that day. The service provided by Harley was that outstanding, Shaun’s brother felt he just had to let us know and that is something that does not happen often.

“I am extremely proud of Harley and our entire team of caregivers for the hard work and dedication everyone has shown during what has been an incredibly difficult and turbulent year.”

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