More than 200,000 out of work in the Yorkshire and Humber region

The number of people out of work in the wider Yorkshire and Humber region is now in excess of 200,000. Many employers are looking to offer incentives such as increased hourly pay or bonuses.

Sectors that are in dire need of staff include manufacturing and production, administration, social care and hospitality.

It comes as the Office of National Statistics yesterday published unemployment figures for the region, revealing that the number of people out of work had fallen slightly in the past two months as lives return to normal from last year.

There is some speculation that the general public remain under the impression that the job market is still turbulent following the pandemic, with many concerned that jobs may not be as secure as they were prior. Many people are also still concerned about the risk of catching COVID at work.

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Government announces an increase to National Insurance contributions to fund social care in England

The Government has announced an increase in National Insurance contributions to help fund social care in England, and to help the NHS recover following the pandemic.

This has been met by some backlash however, claiming this will be unfair on younger people and those on a lower wage. Those earning £20,000 per year will pay an extra £130 whereas someone on £50,000 will pay an additional £505.

In April 2023, the National Insurance rate will return to it’s current rate and the extra tax will be collected as a new Health and Social Care Levy.

According to the Government, these changes will raise an additional £12bn each year, which will initially be used to ease pressure on the NHS. Over the next three years, a proportion will be moved into the Social Care system.

The aim is to ensure that people in England pay no more than £86,000 in care costs from October 2023 (excluding accommodation and food).


To read more about the increase in NI contributions and how they will be used, please click here .


Staff shortages could last two years, says CBI

The current staff shortages that are affecting supply chains up and down the country, across a variety of sectors could last two years according to the CBI (Confederation of British Industry).

These shortages are affecting industries ranging from farming to fast food, with many businesses struggling or failing to meet customer demand as a result.

“The CBI has heard from companies actively cutting capacity because they can’t meet demand, like the hoteliers limiting the number of bookable rooms because they don’t have enough housekeeping staff and can’t get linen laundered,” said CBI director general Tony Danker.

“Meanwhile some restaurant owners have had to choose between lunchtime and evening services when trying to make the most of summer.”

The pandemic, Brexit and the furlough scheme are just a number of cited contributors to the current disruptions.

To read more about the shortages and the impact they have on British industry, please click here

Four-day working week unlikely in the UK

Would you be willing to reduce your working hours if it meant a reduction in wages?

8 out of 10 British employees would not favour a four-day working week at the cost of their wages, according to research by cross-party thinktank, the Social Market Foundation (SMF).

This research saw a clear divide in the sectors, with white-collar workers and those in high-paying jobs in favour of cutting their working hours, even if it resulted in a loss of earnings.
In comparison, care workers and those in the hospitality sector said they would rather work more hours.

This scheme has been trialled in Iceland and has seen huge success. Participants have reported increased wellbeing, whereas productivity at work has either stayed the same or, in some cases, improved.

The SMF has warned that the four-day week is unlikely to become the norm in the UK unless it becomes clear who will be picking up the tab. There are also concerns that it would be deemed elitist, with only the highest earning members of society able to benefit.

“This presents a problem for campaigners: if they wish to make the scheme as attractive as possible then they need to explain who, if not workers, will bear the cost,” said Jake Shepherd, researcher at the Social Market Foundation.

Physical Right to Work checks could delay thousands of people getting back into work every day.

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has warned that thousands of people could be delayed in getting back to work if the Home Office does not continue with digitally conducting Right to Work Checks.
Digital RTW Checks were introduced in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic and have allowed employers to hire new staff without the need to meet them in person to check documents.
However, the Home Office has reversed this change and as of June 21st, all RTW Checks are to be conducted in person. The REC has determined that this could potentially delay over 300,000 people a week in starting work.
The REC has written to the Home Office urging them to extend the digital RTW checks until a more permanent digital solution is in place, or at the very least until all restrictions are lifted.
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21-year-old Harley comes joint runner up for Carer of the Year 2021

Each of our 60+ personal carers at Sure Healthcare have their own incredible stories of caring for their clients, but 21-year-old Harley Murray’s caught the attention of judges at this year’s HullLive Health & Care Awards resulting in him being shortlisted for Carer of the Year.

Harley is a caregiver who demonstrates extraordinary commitment to the delivery of care addressing and meeting the overall health and wellness needs of clients, all while studying full time to become a graphic designer at York University.

One of Harley’s main clients is 52-year-old Shaun, who is wheelchair bound and suffers from a multitude of health conditions. Harley’s commitment and compassion caring for Shaun was witnessed by Shaun’s family during a visit and were that impressed they felt the need to express their gratitude.

As a company, Sure Healthcare contacts clients and their families often to get regular feedback about our care provision – good or bad. The positive reviews we receive are a lovely reminder about our caregiver’s dedication to the lives of their clients.

What makes Harley’s story different is that this review was completely unsolicited. Shaun’s family voluntarily took time out of their busy day to research the Sure Healthcare website to seek out the email address to send on their words of appreciation.

The letter recognised Harley as a true asset to Sure Healthcare, citing his professionalism dealing with a complex medical situation, as well as his long-standing commitment to caring for Shaun while coping with his own personal battles.

Will Draper, Managing Director of Sure Healthcare, said: “Harley is no ordinary 21-year-old and I am absolutely delighted he was shortlisted for Carer of the Year.

“The feedback we received about Harley from Shaun’s family was a raw and off-the-cuff review of the care, kindness and compassion witnessed that day. The service provided by Harley was that outstanding, Shaun’s brother felt he just had to let us know and that is something that does not happen often.

“I am extremely proud of Harley and our entire team of caregivers for the hard work and dedication everyone has shown during what has been an incredibly difficult and turbulent year.”

For more information about he HullLive Health & Care Awards click here.


Sure Healthcare recognised as a “Covid Hero” at this year’s Hull Live Health & Care Awards 2021

Sure Healthcare attended the HullLive Health & Care Awards 2021 as one of three finalists last night, which recognises and rewards local care champions for their tireless efforts.

Sure Healthcare was shortlisted for the “Covid Hero Award”, for the team’s outstanding effort to deliver thousands of free PPE kits to vulnerable people in the community and surrounding areas at the start of the pandemic.

Other finalists included Overton House, who went on to be crowned winners, and Kate Munson, Head of Probation at the National Probation Service.

Will Draper, Managing Director, said: “While we might not have taken home any gold medals this year, being shortlisted for this prestige award is a true testament to the team’s hard work and round the clock care to keep our clients and wider community safe during the pandemic.”

This shortlist follows on from Sure Healthcare being awarded the prestige McAlpine CEO Care Professional Awards (MCCPA) in 2020

The MCCPA celebrates the excellence throughout the care industry, recognising team efforts across the UK regardless of size or CQC rating.

Sure Healthcare received the Ancillary Award 2020 for ‘always going above and beyond in delivering the best possible care for our customers and services users and for supplying care staff at very short notice during Christmas and unsociable hours.’

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UK National Living Wage increased and extended

From April, more young people will be eligible for the #nationallivingwage as the age threshold is lowered from 25 to 23.

The increase in the NLW will mean that low-paid workers’ incomes rise broadly in line with predicted wage growth; and modestly ahead of projected increases in prices, meaning low-paid workers’ living standards should be protected.

To find out this how this may affect your workforce, contact Sure Group today on tel: 01482 629797 or email:

Sure Healthcare wins McAlpine CEO Care Professional Award

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve received a prestigious award from the McAlpine CEO Care Professional Awards (MCCPA).

The MCCPA celebrates the excellence throughout the care industry, recognising team efforts across the UK regardless of size or CQC rating.

We received the Ancillary Award 2020 for ‘always going above and beyond in delivering the best possible care for our customers and services users and for supplying care staff at very short notice during Christmas and unsociable hours.’

Discussing the award, Will Draper, Managing Director of Sure Healthcare said:

“This year has been incredibly challenging for all industries but particularly for the care sector, where staff have provided such essential services in difficult circumstances. It is therefore brilliant for Sure Healthcare and our people to be recognised for their outstanding work in caring for others during the pandemic. Well done to everyone who has worked hard this year to make this achievement possible for us.”

You can view the full MCCPA virtual awards ceremony here: McAlpine Care Professional Awards 2020 – YouTube

Christmas Opening Hours

During the Christmas period, our opening hours will be as follows:

  • Monday 21 Dec- Normal Office Hours
  • Tuesday 22nd Dec- Normal Office Hours
  • Wednesday 23rd Dec- Normal Office Hours
  • Thursday 24th Dec- 08:30 – 14:00
  • Friday 25th Dec- Closed
  • Monday 28th Dec- Closed
  • Tuesday 29th Dec- Normal Office Hours
  • Wednesday 30th Dec- Normal Office Hours
  • Thursday 31st Dec- 08:30 – 14:00
  • Friday 1st Jan- Closed
  • Monday 4th Jan- Normal Office Hours


For support or assistance with labour requirements during the festive season outside of our office opening hours please call the relevant branch number below and this will go to our 24 hour on call helpline:

Hull- 01482 629797             Leeds- 0113 250 2100         Northampton- 01604 320585

On behalf of everyone at Sure Group we’d like to wish all of our clients, suppliers and employees a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021!