Should I stay or should I go?

Wondering if you should stay in a comfortable yet repetitive position can seem much easier than trying to look for a new job, but often a change is the right decision to progress your career.

A lack of career progression or stagnation of your professional development can often be a reason to move onto pastures new. The business could be ‘top heavy’ meaning that there are already several Senior Management level employees resulting in there being no room to move up the ladder.

It may be that you keep missing out on that promotion
In some smaller companies there may be limited opportunities to progress due to the size of the team.

You may have reached a glass ceiling for your position and are stuck in a rut where the job has become monotonous and you feel the need to challenge yourself.

Are you in an environment which isn’t a good cultural fit for you?
Considering how much time we spend at work you should enjoy the environment you work in.

Is your work/life balance out of synch?
When you begin a career you probably are in a different stage in life to where you are in 5 years. Many things can differ significantly such as having a family etc that make us re-evaluate what we want to get from our professional working life and finding this balance can French be an instigator of change.

Lack of employer support for study.
Finding that your employer is not supportive of your wishes to increase your knowledge and skills can be a key factor in making a decision to change roles.

Some firms are happy to support further education on the basis that you continue working for them after gaining the new qualifications but will tie you in for a period of time post qualification.

One of the most common reasons why someone wants to find a new job is their desire to be paid fairly in their industry for their level of experience and the position held. In these cases it usually leads to a feeling of being undervalued.

If someone feels they are being significantly underpaid, then it may be wise to explore options in the market.

If you are unhappy or feel unfulfilled in your current role then it’s probably time to either start looking for something new or assess how unhappy you are and whether it can be resolved without the need to move jobs. You need to make sure this new role will be beneficial to your career and personal aspirations.

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